Welcome to Winston’s homepage!

Hi there,

My name is Wang, Zi-Hao (王子豪). Winston is my preferred name in the US and English-speaking world. I’m from Anshan, northeastern China.


I am a PhD student (2015-present, qualified in 2018 Spring) in Computer Science at Northwestern University. I do research in computational photography and video. My advisor is Dr. Ollie Cossairt.

In the past

I was a research intern at Microsoft Research, Redmond (Jun-Aug 2018).

I was a research intern in Computational Imaging team at Light (Mar-Aug 2017), mentored by Dr. Dikpal Reddy. I worked on camera calibration (geometric and spectral).

I received my Bachelor’s degree in Optics in 2015 at Zhejiang University with Honors from Chu Ko-chen Honors College. During my undergrad, I worked with Dr. Ming Ronnier Luo in color science. We studied how human eyes respond to surface effects, i.e. gloss, glint, graininess. In my senior year, I was lucky to visit Dr. George Barbastathis and did some research in light transport simulation for gradient index (GRIN) lens.